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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Intestinal Gardener's Digestive Disease Awareness Month challenge: 100 stories about digestion

Happy May! It's Digestive Disease Awareness Month, an occasion to remember the complexity and general awesomeness of your gut... and how easily things can go awry.

May also happens to be my birthday month.

So I've been thinking about something exciting and birthday-related, in that it involves gifts. For me. But wait, it won't cost you anything.

Gabe-birthday-part.jpg by Twice25

Here's the deal: This month, I want to collect 100 stories about digestion.

The stories can be about anything. Anything at all, as long as it's related to your gut.

Some examples include:

(1) how you got the news of your celiac diagnosis while eating a bagel on vacation in the Bahamas
(2) how your Ukrainian family get-togethers have changed now that several of your family members have dietary restrictions
(3) the "Montezuma's Revenge" story you haven't told a single soul

Email your stories to me at
Please write DIGESTION STORY in the subject header.

Or just tweet your story to me: @bykriscampbell.

When your story is received, I'll let you know what number you are, from 1 to 100.


Two storytellers, lucky numbers 10 and 100, will receive a *prize*: a digestive health book of your choice from Amazon.

I'm going to learn from the stories and share some of them here on the blog. Eventually I will contact the authors of the most compelling stories, in order to consider including them in the book I'm now writing on digestive health.

The deadline is May 31st or whenever I reach 100 stories, whichever is first.

And finally, remember to give your guts a big, squishy hug today. Disease or no disease, they do a really fantastic job for you.


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